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Having been involved in living in the UK and buying and owning in the Costa del Sol, and now living here permanently, through necessity we have become experienced in all aspects of the, sometimes, complicated and bureaucratic system.  It is an absolute necessity to be aware of this and adhere to it. 

  • Legal
    Legalities for land, property, residency, vehicles are important to be aware of.  We work with several good English speaking lawyers who are always at hand to offer us advice.

  • Finance
    Finance and Insurance requirements

  • Health and Dentistry
    Advice on health and dentistry in the local area.

  • Employment
    We work with many Employment Agencies in nearby Gibraltar and can therefore assist in this if required.

    If you are:

    • Looking for the latest jobs in Gibraltar and Spain?
    • Need to understand the Gibraltar/Spanish job market?
    • Want the best career advice available from professionals in IT, Finance, Marketing and General Recruitment?


      • Search our website for your next career step
      • Log on our site and create a Career Seeker Account
      • Request a call for an informal chat about your future


  • Other
    As we expand, we are continually developing and we are confident we can assist you in most areas.

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